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The state has several destinations exotically decorated to for couples to let them enjoy their vacation in a delightful way being together. Backwater destinations of Kerala are the prime romantic destinations preferred mostly by the couples. Backwaters cruise can be enjoyed staying in the houseboat or Kettuvallam. Kettuvellam are traditional houseboats that are made up of tying bamboos with coconut ropes. These houseboats are furnished with all the modern amenities and exquisite rooms to stay and delicious cuisines are served inside the houseboat as well. Infact it seems that the houseboats are exquisitely designed just for honeymoon couples.

Once the houseboat starts gliding over the easy going backwater, picturesque vistas will hearty welcomes your. The houseboat will take you to the beautiful landscapes where you can have talk, with your spouse. Magnificence of the nature adds more romance in your memorable honeymoon in Kerala. Couples can view the picturesque landscapes, emerald paddy fields, exotic countryside and the listen the melodious tunes and chirping of the birds. The playful waterfall will never fail to tempt with its magical flow. Enjoy the sunrise and the sunset from the houseboat and capture the picture of the scenic natural beauty to enrich you photo gallery. Be little attentive and you will also find that the white ducks giving you a company silently hearing your romantic talks. Enjoy the memorable backwaters cruise on the famous backwater destinations with your beloved and register the romantic moments to cherish honeymoon tours Kerala for lifetime.

Beside the backwaters, beaches of Kerala are also the dream destination of honeymoon couples. Kerala is gifted with some of the world’s finest beach and they are really enchanting and captivating. Newly wed couples can have a memorable time along the beaches enjoying the beach activities being together. Couples can enjoy surfing the cool wind, sip the natures best nectar, take a memorable walk along the silver beaches holding hand in hand, enjoy the delicious cuisines of the nearby resort, catch the rumbling waves, etc. More of all you should not miss a enjoy angling with your beloved sitting on the rock. Come to Kerala for honeymoon vacation and you will like to live with you beloved in Kerala for lifetime.

There are many other captivating destinations for couples to enjoy romantic moments with your beloved. Visit Munnar the beautiful hill station of Kerala and is the dream destination of honeymoon couples. No couples ever miss a chance to visit Munnar on Kerala honeymoon tour. The hill station looks exotically beautiful with sprawling tea and coffee plantation, orange plantation, playful waterfall, whispering rivers, lovely hills, serene natural beauty, etc. These are lot more in Munnar that makes this hill station a favorite among honeymoon couples. Couples can take a memorable walk holding hand in hand along the tea gardens. They can also try their hand to pluck the tea leaves with the local people. Never miss the chance to take the picture of the beloved plucking the tea leaves form the tea gardens. These photographs remind the couples later in the life about their romantic honeymoon vacation in Kerala.

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